So after coming up with a new style that we wanted to work with Andrew brought up that we were going off on a slight tangent. We were wanting to now outline the negatives of recycled paper that just get swept under the rug instead of just bundling in a load of random facts about recycled paper, we’d only spoken about trees and making new paper. So we went back to drawing thumbnails and came up with these new ideas/layouts.

The idea behind this design was that it shows the negative points of recycling. We also  changed the tree to a factory with smoke coming out to also play a part to make it feel as if recycling is bad. The title will then sit in the smoke to enhance how recycled paper has a negative effect on the environment and it is very little known by the average person.

We also decided that we wanted to have a paragraph that briefly explains the formula that we will be putting in our infographic. This would fit in brackets to the right of the title like as shown in the thumbnail.