This was the stage of design where we had to fail to then succeed. We started off by working on 3 different computers and trying to design something by ourselves then join ideas. This didn’t work as well as we weren’t putting our minds together as a team. Here is an initial design development from the ideas that Andrew drew up.

With this design we all agreed on that it was the completely wrong style from what we wanted to go for, the typeface wasn’t aesthetically pleasing and was straight up too basic and the designs just didn’t look right, I felt that it looked too much as a christmas themed poster. So we had a break, thought up some ideas (use of recycled paper backdrop and pastel colours) and then we started designing collaboratively on one computer which in fact produced a much better design outcome.


This is the new style that we decided to work with, something that is different and more quirky. This stands out more and is more aesthetically pleasing to the eye compared to the previous style that we experimented with.