After doing some research into type trends for the modern info graphic from a couple of recent posts about infographics we then went on to looking at typefaces that we could use for our poster. As you can see we looked mostly at eroded typefaces and we wanted to stick to this kind of rough look, though I wasn’t so much a fan of this but did like the way it was pretty heavy. The decision was made as a group as we thought that it would link well to the particles in recycled paper but also the erosion of our planet due to such processes as manufacture of recycled paper.


These typefaces above were a similar style to what we wanted however they just weren’t right as that we felt they were just a little too over the top. ‘Walk this way’ was too eroded and looked more like it would be used for a poster about zombies or possibly war. ‘Urban jungle’ would have been suitable if we were doing an infographic about urban culture/cities. It would have worked well if the building silhouettes weren’t at the bottom of each letter. ‘Plane crash’ was a bit too tropical and looked like it would be used on a tropical house album cover. Finally dreamer looked a bit too much like a paintbrush stroke which wasn’t the style we were looking for. The 3 we decided to use for the poster were:



We chose these typefaces because they accurately represented the style that we chose. They are all in block capitals which is what we wanted to use to represent importance and impact and they had the eroded particle effect that represented the particles of recycled paper and erosion of the planet but not as much as the others.  Huntress and How to Disappear are the ones that we decided to use for the title fonts and then we decided to use Dreamwalker for the main body text, I find that they all fit together fairly well and don’t look so much as completely different fonts… GOOD JOB RUPERT.