Recently after doing the mind maps we then went on to drawing up some thumbnails for the actual layout of the poster. These are shown and explained below.


The first thumbnail that we scratched up was before we decided that we were just focusing the poster on recycled paper. So for this one Andrew included money, clients and materials into the layout. I liked the layout however it was a bit too text heavy and had a fair bit of white space.


We then decided on the topic of recycled paper and drew up this thumbnail. Keeping to the original design idea of the title placed in the top left corner and the large tree in the bottom right. We placed a world map in the bottom left corner to illustrate deforestation and tree farming areas. Andrew also decided to include some statistics and areas where text would be located.


Andrew decided that the title should all be in one graphic/ shape rather than having a title and a subtitle. Below shows the layout idea that he drew up. The title for our ethics poster is ‘Should We Be Promoting Recycled Paper?’ After drawing it up we decided as a group that it would look better if all of the letters were in capitals, we then gave Rupert the task to go out and find a typeface which would fit it.


This is the third and final poster layout thumbnail. This one included the new type layout (with alterations) a different styled tree that I sketched up on illustrator and also some icons displaying statistics. We decided that it would be a good idea to have dotted divider lines to separate the information, therefore making it easier to read and understand.


We also had to consider that the poster needs to be A2 meaning that it will be have to be folded in half twice to be able to slot into the magazine. This is a grid showing where the folds will be. When designing the poster we will need to ensure that no important pieces of information are getting distorted by the folds.