A piece of Infographic is a visual representation of information or data, e.g. as a chart or diagram with a huge use of images and bold typography to stand out.

Checking up on some examples of some infographics I came across a good website that showed up to 40 “useful and creative” infographics, the link is below.


This was a really helpful source as I was able to see different styles of infographics and make a decision on the styles that I liked and thought worked best for displaying the information that the individual wanted to display. Below show 5 of the infographics that I liked and why I do.

Coffee Drinks Illustrated


I like this one as it’s very simple and easy to understand what it’s trying to say to the audience. The use of basic colours and icons work great together though I feel it may be better if the colours could relate to what it was a little more for example the steamed milk is coloured green, maybe it would look more attractive if it was coloured in cream?

389 Years Ago


I really like this one because of the great use of typography, the way it’s laid out works well and as a viewer you can pretty easily read through it without getting lost into different parts of the poster.

What’s in the Customer’s Mailstream?


This I like because incase people don’t understand the illustration then they can always read the paragraph below to get a better understanding of what message the illustration is trying to send.

Our Favourite Drugs


The typography and colours in this poster work well with what it is about.

Where Did All The Money Go?


This is possibly the least favourite out of my top 5 because it is too dull and is full of boring text.

This has helped me gain some inspiration on what our poster should look like and what it shouldn’t look like. I will be using this as an advantage and will discuss with my group to get some ideas going.