So Communication Arts Magazine is producing a series of information graphics fold-out posters about cultural issues and theories that impact on the creative industries. The fold out is an A2 poster that is folded and inserted into the magazine so we should plan where the folds may impact our design.

The brief is to design, as a group, an information graphic that explains ethics for graphic designers as straightforwardly as possible. Use a mix of type and imagery in information graphics style. Be informative rather than dogmatic! In my opinion I believe that it will be great to send the message across to our audience with as little text as possible seeing as that is the whole point of an info graphic poster.

Within my group we have Rupert, Andrew and myself. I feel that this will give us a chance to put all our pros together and avoid one another’s cons. It will be good to practise on improvising and brainstorm in a group just like the Zines project. I feel this will be better than that project though seeing as we will have technology for the current project!

By the end of this assignment I must have:

  • Explored and understood the practical constraints of a design brief.
  • Produced and evaluated solutions to a design brief that encompass set criteria.
  • Raised their awareness of the history of typography including traditional typographic terminology and how it has been adapted to modern technology.
  • Explored and analysed the connotations of typeface choice and be able to justify decisions across a wide range of applications.
  • Begun to demonstrate an awareness of contemporary typographic trends and innovative developments.
  • Begun to develop their ability to solve design problems within the structure of a design brief.
  • Raised their awareness of the concepts and practice of graphic design needed to underpin the creative process.
  • Begun to apply the practice of thorough and relevant research as an aid to the development of individual creativity.
  • Begun to understand and use skill, and critical judgement when choosing and using type, which will allow creative freedom in their design solutions.