There are many ways in which you can make a website be accessible, although I am only designing my website and not necessarily publishing it there are limited features in which I can add in order to make it accessible.

If I were to publish my website there are a few features, techniques and tips in order to ensure it is accessible for all users. For example:

  • Good use of HTML headings
  • Accessible menus
  • Accessible forms
  • Accessible tables
  • Effective use of color
  • Accessible images
  • ARIA landmark roles
  • Meaningful link text
  • Accessible with keyboard
  • ARIA for web applications

There are also many ways in which a website can be checked to ensure that it has been made accessible that include:

  1. Validating HTML. If HTML is used incorrectly, assistive technology can have problems interpreting the page content, which can result in access problems for the users.
  2. Test with a keyboard by setting your mouse aside and use the tab key to navigate through the web pages. All interactive features such as menus, links, form fields and controls should be be accessible.
  3. Use an  online accessibility checker which will check the web pages for accessibility.
  4. Test with users by recruiting and observing the users to see how they are able to interact with the site.