Here I will be saying what software I’m going to use and why I chose it. It was a pretty easy choice as that it’s a website for myself so it’s personal I could really choose anything I wanted but I want my website to look professional so that’s Weebly and Wix out of the picture! Also the time to make the site had to be bought into thought as that coding takes a very long time to do so I don’t want to raw code the whole site so that’s Sublime Text off the list too. As that dreamweaver was my first ever software I used to create a site I won’t be choosing that as that when I was using it back in school I had no help whatsoever and it scarred me from using it again for a while!

So my two choices are Brackets and Muse! I find muse’s user interface great to work with and is very friendly to new users. It’s also very easy to just jump into and get creating with many features included, there is also a huge free widget library on the adobe website for extra third party features. I have also worked a little on Muse in the past and back then I felt well invited to what it had to offer. Though there are some glitches here and there they are all relatively easy to fix and clear up in code which I will be using Brackets for. I haven’t really touched upon Brackets but I believe it’s the same as Sublime just a little less complex in certain aspects. This will be a good opportunity to take the dust off my skills of coding as that it has been a while since.