Even though we never got to present some of our research in class I will be showing my slide show here and I’ll also say a little about each slide to what I would have said to the audience.

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So we were told to get some inspiration and analyse a few websites of a few different design companies, to understand how ours should look and navigate through each page. Here I am going to go into a little detail in four of the five websites that I have analysed this past week.

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Here I was analysing the company named Bigfish, they’ve worked with a lot of big well known companies and produced great work in which you can tell is their work as that they have a certain type of style. The layout of this website is very clean and puts most of the attention to their work instead of the actual website in which you’d want to happen. They use a simple font which is clear to read and use great quality images to show off their previous work.

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The navigation to this website is well thought out and I like the way the mouse over animates as shown in the middle column. The way it flows like a fish in the sea is I believe the whole point in it. There are a couple of bad points though as you can see when you hover over their recent work tab the drop down list seems endless and just doesn’t look right. Also the navigation bar does not seem to follow down the page like most other websites do.

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Moving on to Gingermonkeys the small business that is based locally, their page all links to their name the typefaces and colours they use. They use a lot of orange in their website and some funky fonts mostly in their work that they provide to their clients. The layout is slightly similar to the other and the movement in the pages is very smooth. Also unlike some of the others that I have analysed they have actually gone and created a mobile version of their site.

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The navigation menu is pretty simple so it’s easy to use and also access as that it does follow the user as it pins to the top of the page as you scroll down or up. There is also no worry of getting lost into the website as the menu is always there.

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Now here I’ve decided to look at a freelancer’s website, this guy Carlos who we’re going to be getting a visit from soon does illustration and works on his own. His website does resemble to his artwork all though I feel it is a little too dark with the background being pretty much black and the fonts being grey it may be hard for users to read. His work is well laid out tiled across his portfolio page and I like the way when you hover over each one of them it has a brief description of the work.

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The same as Bigfish the navigation menu stays still at the top and does not follow the guest around the page, as well it doesn’t really stand out from all the other text thus making it hard for users to identify it as the navigation menu. Though other than that the navigation process through the website is standard and there aren’t many flaws in it. He also has no Home page as it may be pointless to freelancers.

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Another freelancer, Charles Kidd is an American graphic designer, best known for his innovative book covers. Based in New York city, Kidd has become one of the most famous book cover designers to date and one of the best graphic designers in this day and age. His website it pretty funky and matches with what he does within book covers. On every page there is a piece of his work. Though unlike the others he has advertisement held in areas of the site for his own business and others.

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Navigating through this website is easy though I’m not sure if it’s my computer but sometimes I can’t scroll down sometimes. His navigation menu is cool the way you can summon it and dismiss it as you please as you can see in the picture. He also has a phone version which is a little less advanced but still resembles to his desktop version.