Instead of looking a design companies again I want to look at a few freelancers to see how the present their work online due to the fact that it’ll be what I’m creating once I’ve finished my research like I did with Carlos’ website. Another freelancer, Charles Kidd is an American graphic designer, best known for his innovative book covers. Based in New York city, Kidd has become one of the most famous book cover designers to date and one of the best graphic designers in this day and age.

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With Charles Kidd he is like Carlos, more of an illustrator and most of his audience will be new clients and current clients who would like something illustrated like a book cover, magazine cover, CD cover etc. He lives in New York and I believe he works from his home studio, New York is a great place to publicise your work and you’ll get noticed a hell of a lot easier than from the likes of locations such as Brighton, Sussex, Kent. He also does motivational speeches and teaches people about graphic design. So his audience are also students and people who want to learn and know how he does his work. The website looks funky so it’s probably more aimed at hipster people.

Visual Aesthetics and User Experience

The Visual Aesthetics on this website are that it stands out towards young adults as it has a pretty funky look to it and I feel it grabs my inner child out with some of the comic book like covers that he has designed. I really like the feel to this website as there’s a few bright images that are well balanced out with the use of dark colours.

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I feel that most his work is rather specific with who he may work with as the style is fairly similar on each of his projects. His attached work pops up separate little window with no information about the client what he wanted to produce for them and how he got there which is a shame. He not only has a desktop version, he has a phone version just like ginger monkeys do which is a little less advanced but still resembles to his desktop version, this helps the website be more accessible. You can easily tell the difference between the header font and body font thus giving the website a clear hierarchy. He does not really have a client page as he may want to keep that confidential. Unlike the others he has advertisement held in areas of the site for his own business and others. He does not have an about me page which he may have gotten rid of as that he is a well known graphic designer and people already know a bit about him and especially his audience.

Navigation & User Experience

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His navigation bar does follow as you scroll down the page like most websites do, Navigating through this website is easy though I’m not sure if it’s my computer but sometimes I can’t scroll down sometimes. The navigation menu is cool the way you can summon it and dismiss it as you please. The navigation through the website is nicely done and there aren’t any dead links. Dead links are a big big no no in web design as that it makes the website look unfinished and slightly messy, you should check the links often to make sure they’re all still in working condition.