Instead of looking a design companies I want to look at a few freelancers to see how the present their work online due to the fact that it’ll be what I’m creating once I’ve finished my research. The reason why I chose Carlos’ website is because we are going to be having a lecture from him at uni telling us about how he approaches his given assignments from real life clients. I believe I will find it rather useful as it will give me a bit of a heads up for when I leave university. He as an individual freelancer has worked with the likes of Citroën, Shell and Network Rail.

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 19.41.33.png


Unlike the small design companies, Carlos is more of an illustrator and most of his audience will be new clients and possibly current clients who would like something illustrated for their products in any industry I would believe. He lives in Brighton and works from his home studio as that when you’re a freelancer you don’t really want an office for just one person this is because a freelancer would usually go and visit their clients at their offices. Though Brighton is very easy to get to for clients if they want to visit him instead as it’s a main city in the south east and not in the middle of nowhere.

Visual Aesthetics and User Experience

When it comes to the Visual Aesthetics on his website it’s slightly dark but nice and basic which again puts the users eyes on his portfolio instead of getting distracted by other things going on maybe in the background, although I feel the background is a little distracting as that it is a wallpaper with an image that  repetitively placed around. Like the others he has some kind of border around his content to keep it looking tidy. He has used very basic font which looks like times new roman but it’s grey so it’s fairly hard to read on the black background which is a con for accessibility. As soon as the user is placed into his website they are automatically placed into his portfolio page as that he does not have a home page. It straight away shows panels of his artwork that he has done as a hobby and what he has done for clients, this gives the viewer a taste of what he does as soon as they access the web page.

The layout of this site is pretty basic but again is slightly hard to view with small text and colour clashes. I don’t really know what else to say about the website, it sticks to his style of illustration and it’s well laid out though it’s nothing special. When I’m on the website I feel as if I’m looking at a blog on steroids. But it’s got everything he needs on it so i guess it is all fine, I just feel that there is a little bit of unwanted white space on it though and maybe a few brighter colours may help as he’s from brighton clients there would want to see a lively website with maybe some gifs embedded into it.

Navigation & User Experience

With the navigation bar which is located at the top right corner of his page I feel as if it’s too small to notice and should possibly stand out as much as the social media icons. Also it doesn’t stay fixed when the user scrolls down the pages which could get annoying to have to scroll all the way back up to navigate to another page. I do slightly like the way he has placed his social links up there with the navigation menu but like I said before the menu should be the same as the icons. Users should notice the menu first or secondly in this case as his main page is his portfolio, but here I notice the social icons before the menu but that’s just my opinion.

Website link: http://carlosgardemartin.co.uk/