Moving onto my next website that I’m going to be researching into which is the slightly well known design company known as Bigfish who have worked with well known brands such as coca-cola, Dorset cereals, GÜ, BBC, Fanta and Kallø. I chose this company as that the work they do just like Alter are the things that i’d love to be working on.

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 19.04.28


Just like Alter as this is a design and branding company is mostly current clients or future clients that would like something designed for them though this time mainly in the food product and branding industry. The company has a studio in London at Chelsea Wharf, again very easy to get to for clients and not in the middle of nowhere. People who want to connect more to their own audiences or rebrand themselves will most probably go for a company like this.

Visual Aesthetics and User Experience

The visual concept of their website is nice and basic which puts the users eyes on their work instead of getting distracted by other things going on on the website. I like the way their browser fill is a slight creamy colour with the main layer where most of the content is placed is in a square with a slight drop shadow which goes a fair distant. The browser fill is pretty much the background of a website. I like the use of basic font so it’s extremely easy to read. You can also see that they’ve used columns to guide them in most their page layouts to make it look neat and not so much all over the place. As soon as the user is placed into their webpage it straight away shows a slideshow of some of their work that they have done for clients, this gives the viewer a taste of what they do as soon as they access the web page. The white space works well here I think it gives it a simple look again like the previous website.

The layout of this site is standard but stands out in its own ways, I believe without the great content it wouldn’t really workout. I also feel that they are very specific with who they work with as the style is fairly similar on each of their projects. Their attached work navigates to a separate page with a little information about the client and a bit of information on what they wanted to produce for them and how they got there. It has given me a bit of inspiration on how I would like to have my site to look like though Their navigation bar does not follow as you scroll down the page like most websites do, but they do have a back to the top button at the bottom of each long page so that the user does not have to scroll all the way back up to use the navigation menu which is fair enough. You can easily tell the difference between the header font and body font thus giving the website a clear hierarchy. With their client page it only shows in text who they’ve worked for instead of bringing in logos which may not help with users not recognising the clients. My website would be for a portfolio so it would be a little different as the work I’m putting in aren’t real world projects.

The about us page is really neat because it reminds of when I was a kid and the whole of my class had to draw ourselves then it got printed on a towel we got to keep, I think this was intended by them to show that each one of them were “born with the creativity”. Doing this strongly connects the users to them as that I’m sure they feel the same way I do.

Navigation & User Experience

Above is a slideshow on the motion of the navigation bar, I like the way the hover over shape kind of just flows with the movement of the mouse instead of common ways such as just fading in and out slightly, this kind of gives the feel of a flow of a fish. It adds a bit of fun to the website I feel. There is an issue though I believe as that when you drop down on the recent work menu it shows a huge long list (As shown below), I think they need to cut down on the list and be a bit more precise as to what “recent” work is.

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 19.14.02

Website link: http://www.bigfish.co.uk/