So starting my research into how design agencies present their work online, I will be starting with a place I am familiar with. I had some work experience with this company a couple of years back when they were known as Capitalize- The Brandfan Agency, now named Alter. The team is known for working very closely with branding in the fashion industry and while I was there we were working with the likes of Bank fashion, Puma, Size? and Merrell. Here I will be identifying their audience, looking at the Visual Aesthetics and User Experience and the Navigation. As their website is currently being updated I will be generating some of my research from my previous experience with them.


As this is a design company like my other few websites that i’ll be researching into the audience is mostly current clients or future clients that would like something designed for them mainly in the fashion industry. The company has a studio in London by London Bridge giving the company an easy location for people to find them. People who want to brand themselves more and connect to their own audiences will most probably go for a company much like this one to fulfill their needs.

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 19.19.57

Visual Aesthetics and User Experience

The visual concept of their website are a little boring though it’s still in the making. Though the use of black and few shades grey does give it a professional look and makes their showcase of work really stand out with great quality and colour. I like the use of the large slideshow as soon as you enter their webpage showing their company name too which fades out as you scroll down, which is known as a scroll motion. Sometime white space is useful and here I think it works well and gives it a simple look. In my opinion though I would have chosen a different shade of black maybe just a little lighter to make it less harsh.

The layout of this site is really neat and I like the way it’s all on one page, I believe once they attach their work to it it will navigate to a separate page or a pop up screen which works really professionally. It is similar to how I would like to have my site to look like. They use a navigation bar that follows you as you scroll down the page like most other well thought out websites, it uses large header fonts that are clear to read and also tiled thumbnail logos of their clients, Though with my website i’d like my preview image large but only showing a portion of it to make the user want to see the full thing using the technique click bait.

Though they don’t have an about us page I remember from their previous website they had a tiled area which had each one of their employers on each panel and when you rollover it it shows a quote from them like somewhat of a bit of motivation. Doing this strongly connects the users to them. Their profile images are also very formal and not like an average facebook profile picture as that wouldn’t look very professional.

Navigation & User Experience

Above is a slideshow of the whole website along with its navigation bar that follows you as you scroll down. I like the little trick they done at the beginning though, from the screenshots earlier there was no navigation menu which kind of made the user want to see the presentation even more instead of bombarding them with access to different parts of the website.  I love the use of this kind of menu as it is simple and it follows with the user. It allows the user to be able to use the navigation bar wherever they are on the page, as opposed to having to scroll all the way back up to the top of the page to use it.

Overall I have found this to be a good designed website that I find both aesthetically pleasing to the eye and also very user friendly and I don’t believe these kind of websites have to be so accessible to people with disabilities with their vision or hearing. This website uses a similar style to how I plan to design my website. It uses large imagery that covers most of the page in areas of the website and I like the slight use of whitespace to make it look clean.

Website Link: http://www.alter-agency.com/