Being one of the shortest assignments given to me so far I have been given the task of creating a new and completely different book cover for the book known as War Horse by Michael MorpurgoI feel the need to watch the film and read a little of the book as that I have never seen or read it.

I am required to Design a book cover for the allocated book given to me, Design the front, spine and back cover (No found images). I will be assessed in most detail on my type-setting in conjunction with my imagery imagery. I am also expected to keep a blog journal of my work in progress and show how my research into book covers has inspired or informed my own design. Finally I will have to present the cover on a book.

learning outcomes include:

  • Explored and understood the practical constraints of a design brief.
  • Produced and evaluated solutions to a design brief that encompass set criteria.
  • Explored and analysed the connotations of typeface choice and be able to justify decisions across a wide range of applications.

I’m glad with the book that I got given as that it’s something new for me, I’ve heard some great reviews on it and am excited to get stuck in. I think this assignment will really test my skills with time keeping and will keep me extremely busy for the next few days.