In this blog I am going to be looking at a few different versions of the book cover for War Horse and I am going to be pointing out a few things I like and dislike. The aim of this assignment is to create something different which would stand out from all the other versions of the book, it is also being judged on the Typography so that is a key to remember.

Here are all the official versions I could find. I found in every single cover there was always an image that signified a horse in a very simple way but then didn’t show so much any evidence that the book was actually about the war especially in the two top left ones although the Type face they used does kind of remind me of the war.

From the three below I find that they used a great choice in colour to kind of show colours that resembled the war and also they had characters who also gave away it was about the war.

To the left the cover is a bit hard to read as that the text seems to have been placed on top of some kind of watercolour piece. In the middle piece shows a picture from the movie of the young man in army uniform with his long lost friend Joey (the horse). I find that that version kind of ruins the ending of the book *SPOILER ALERT* where they finally come back together once the war is over and go back to their home and family nice and peacefully into the sunset.

War_Horse BC2

My least favourite from the lot is the one above, I believe it does not signify the Great War so much and looks like a book just about a horse. The type is awful and looks as if it should be from a computer game like “World of warcraft”. Also you can see where the designer has tried to blend the horse into the background with an outer glow but just does not look at all professional.

Looking at old covers has given me a clear view on how my piece should maybe look like. I don’t particularly like any of them really apart from the one below just because the colours are simple and it gives clear signifiers, not too clear to give away the whole story.

War_Horse BC3