So we now know fully well what my project is, that could change the world in an extremely sustainable way. Now its time to go into a little detail on linking my development to semiotics which we had learnt about in the previous assignment with subcultures.

Firstly I want to talk about my product design. I wanted the product to look very similar to an actual tree so obviously people would kind of have an idea on what it does. If I made it just a simple pipe out of the ground then people wouldn’t really have any idea on what the object is. With the colours of the design I wanted to give it a more natural look with nice friendly looking colour tints for the blow up see through bubbles, the colours would vary from the likes of green, red, blue, orange and yellow. I also wanted it to look a little futuristic and designable. So it’ll be made out of three main materials which are rubber, aluminium and carbon fibre, if we took the theory of paradigms and syntagms it could cause the product to not be so sustainable, we could say the mainframe would be built with wood but that would defeat the purpose of them as that we want to support trees not cut them down to create artificial ones.

The connotations of the product design is that its a tree shaped mechanism that clears the air around in an air cleansing generator that is powered by nature itself. But the denotations are that its tree shaped model.


With the logo and the name the signified is thinking about breathing healthily, the signify is The Breather. People will think of some kind of lung system and in this case a mechanic one, though I do believe people may be a little confused on if it could be something to do with a humans organs or not. But saying that it kind of is as that the product will help keep a cleaner lung system to each individuals lungs. With the logo though I believe that I have adapted the closure look from the Gestalt theory, as you can see that the tree in the background is not fully complete yet it’s only an outline of a tree people can still see that it is indeed a tree. Though as you can see I included the title in the logo that was to loosen up the fear of people not understanding what the logo is for. I regret making a logo though now without the title as that I have just thought of a good logo idea. The idea was to get the outline of the tree and place in a basic filled image of a pair of lungs within the main bushy part of the tree. I may go on to creating this and will blog about the development.

Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 15.17.59

Screenshot 2016-01-28 16.29.43

So there you have it, I have identified the semiotics within my project. It’s good to know about semiotics to get into your target audiences minds and to draw them in even more to your designs.