Here I am going to show a Pecha Kucha on what I have done so far. The reason for doing this was originally to show my class group of my progress but due to unattendance I couldn’t.

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So in slide one I would inform them on what the brief tells us to do and how I’m going to go around of doing it. In the second slide I tell the students of what I analysed at the Design Museum, I answer a couple of questions that we had been asked to answered briefly then will move onto slide three which is my first attempt of developing the research page for my PDF. I go on to say why I laid it out in that certain way and why other ways wouldn’t have worked.

Onto slide four, I talk about the images I found on the web that inspired me to think of the project that I am wanting to work on. Then I go on to talking about my actual idea in the fifth slide giving the class a little information on what to expect of my product that I am creating. In slide six I go on to how I’m finding my audience and talk a little bit about how I surveyed people and what questions I asked them.

I then go onto my logo design in slides seven to nine, I would tell them why I went with the decisions I made and go into detail on my final choice. I then go on to talking about the design of the build and what they’ll look like once they’ve been created, I would show them the final two slides which have my rough sketch development and a part of my actual draw up for my final page in my PDF.

This Pecha Kucha would have given me some time to get feedback from students and lecturers giving me a clearer understanding on what I still need to do, though in a few days I will be back in college and will show my lecturers this to do so.