To get an even better understanding on my target audience I felt the need to go out and survey a maximum of twenty random people. The survey I ran below doesn’t really give away any information of what I’m looking at creating but it asks the questions we want to know to see if the project would be worth making and also seeing if it’d be sustainable.


So I managed to get a hold of twenty people out on the streets and I believe I got a good variety of answers from them. Below are the results and I will be creating pie and bubble charts of the results and placing them into my PDFs later on.


It was pretty crazy to see that some people didn’t care about others futures and the small amount of people who didn’t care about the environment. It turns out the people who like to keep fit and healthy are the ones who care a lot about the environment and other peoples futures. I also found it odd the amount of people who fell ill two to three times within the space of three months. With cleaner air I believe we can get more people in that 0-1 option.

This experiment has helped me know who my audience is and to be honest I still feel the same as I did before, this product will be aimed at everyone. It’s still been good research and will give me a lot to put in my PDF to back me up.