So here I am going through with how I sketched up the idea and how it would work by looking at it. I did do a couple of rough versions that included a filtering system being attached to peoples houses or street lamps but then decided to scrap them ideas because the ideas didn’t real feel appealing to the eye, I wanted to create something that actually resembled a tree visually. As you can see for yourself that they just didn’t really look the part.


In the sketch below you can see more on how it works looking at the arrows which show as the direction of where the air is going. What happens is the dirty air gets sucked up into the underground generator, which then pushes the air through a filter. After the process the cleansed air gets pushed up and out of the artificial branches of the tree which will be high enough so that the clean air does not get sucked up again.


Now below I wanted to vectorise the sketch to make it look a little more understanding though it still needs a little more adding to I think that this is a good start and will add all the other little bits in while I’m creating the final PDF’s.

Screenshot 2016-01-28 16.29.43