Using Personas is a technique used by designers to help them understand on how to change someones opinion. The persona can be anyone who may or may not use the product/design. Doing this makes you think of others who aren’t interested in a certain thing and trying to change their minds on the subject. To get a variety ideas for my design idea I will be creating a few personas.

Persona 1

  • Tom
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 38
  • Work: Gym instructor
  • Location: China

Tom loves to keep fit and healthy and has two children who he likes to keep healthy too. He loves working out and helping others stay healthy. Though there is a worry for him, he feels like he falls sick a little too often due to the polution by his work place and feels its a threat to his children, the gym members & staff and himself. He tries his best to avoid the polluted area by wearing a mask but feels as if its a little disrespectful. He has installed air conditioning in his gym but feels it may have made the situation worse.

Persona 2

  • Maria
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 44
  • Work: Shop assistant
  • Location: Australia

Maria doesn’t keep up with her fitness as she doesn’t have much time to do so and she doesn’t feel the need to look and feel good. She only cares about herself and getting money to pay the bills and for food for herself and eight cats. She hasn’t got much of an impact on the environment as she doesnt go outside much as that she’s either working or gaming. Maria also smokes and keeps getting very bad chest infections. Also the air in the area she lives in is not polluted.

Persona 3

  • James
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 65
  • Work: Retired
  • Location: London

James is an O.A.P with three children and seven grandchildren. He strongly cares about them and their futures to come but is incredibly worried about the pollution around the world and fears that nature may just come to a hault one day. He also has a fear that global warming will get the best of us one day and if we do not take action sooner or later then we as a human race are facing a huge threat. He feels that we have a great source of technology and knowledge that we could put a stop to all this worrying but we dont simply because of people out there being greedy and only caring about their life time and no one elses. James was a doctor and also worried at the time of how many times people were ill so often and believes that the air pollution is to blame.

Persona 4

  • Sunu
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 19
  • Work: N/A
  • Location: India

Sunu is currently studying Computer Science, she likes to stay healthy but struggles to stay fit as that she keeps falling ill. This is causing her to fall on her attendance at University and the gym. She also got fired from her part time job as a sales assistant at her local supermarket because she kept having to call in sick. She wears a mask when she’s outside because the pollution is so bad but likes to go for walks in nice green forrests as she believes it makes her feel a little better.