In this post I will be showing a few of my title ideas into a couple of logo ideas. Due to my sickness from college I will not be able to get a huge range of opinions on my sketches but I will work on opinions from close to home.

Below are my sketches I thought hard into designing them.


I got a few mixed results with these with people saying that they liked the free hand looking Biotree apart from the tree at the end, others really liked both Breathe (excuse the typo) logos. I wanted the logo to look natural to show that the product is for a natural cause. All the others i found didn’t really play the part and people did agree on that, I didn’t want the logo to look too much in the direction of that its something mechanic even though it is.

I went on two deciding with the help from others that the Breathe one looked the best due to the fact it works well with what the project was. I found it worked well with the two colours overlaying each other to kind of push it out. The name of the piece will be called the BREATHER and the name of the project to create this will be called THE BREATHE PROJECT and will look like this with the motto being “Preparing for their future”.

The Breathe projectPrint


The reason why I chose this was because the A in the middle i think resembles the tree in the background and looks like its supporting it which the Breather will do, it’ll support the trees we have now with their jobs. I also like the font I used as it looks slightly natural and tall like a healthy tree. The motto being “Preparing for their future” is saying that our generation are preparing for the generations to comes future and also the trees future.