So I have now decided on which route I’m going to take to make the world a slightly better place to live on with an incredible sustainable idea… So I hope! My idea consists of creating some kind of artificial tree, and no I am not talking about your average fake christmas tree or that ever lasting “tree” you have in your front room! I’m talking about a mechanical device that’ll sort out our air pollution… yeah in places the air doesn’t really feel so much as a threat but in the likes of places such as China, Tokyo and others similar you can literally see the pollution in the air and it is vile if you ask me.

My Idea will also be aimed at everyone to be honest as that it will bring a much healthier future to its users. What the devices will do is they’ll bring in the air and filter all the bad things in it, so it could stop sickness bugs from spreading.

One idea I was thinking was that they’d act like bins, each house will have one installed then the filters would get changed once every week by the council or an actual specialist who would be equipped with the right tools and clothes to do so. People will get the generator installed on each house then will get the decision on what tree to have attached to it. What the generator will do is it will suck in the dirty air to the underground system which will then push the air through a cleaning filter and will then the clean air will get pushed up through the artificial branches into a huge balloon like thing which will then let out the air slowly above.

Another idea would be to create a huge forest of these tree looking mechanisms which would do everything trees do and that includes being able to habitat animals who are running close to extinction and it will act like a tourist attraction. This would create jobs to maintain the trees and look after the animals 24/7.

A huge statement to bring into this is that most of the population only care about their own life time not so much the future for the human race, this idea is incredibly looking at the future for our families and the human race, we have to ask the question what happens if nature suddenly dies? We would most certainly not survive let alone animals! The project I’m starting is one of many things we need to consider for our futures satiability. I also believe that you can’t physically force something to stay alive for that long, instead of doing this you must look at the problem (in this case “Nature dying”) and accept it and move on to another way of living. We should as a generation look at nature and see it as inspiration on new inventions to keep the world running. This statement looks very much as if we should give up on trying to support an issue but its more so telling us to get inspired and create something better and then moving on from the problem that has occurred? Anyway hopefully we won’t ever get in that situation! These individual trees will help to support nature and support us by depolluting the air but will always be there for a back up plan for the future generations to come and will open up thousands of jobs around the world.

Further development will be proceeded in the next few blogs brainstorming ideas on how its going to look, what the idea will be called and what it’ll be made of.