Right so in this blog post I will be looking into the list of divergent ideas and picking out a few which sound the most realistic and going into a little more detail in what and how I’m looking at making them happen.

Artificial Ice Caps that don’t melt but collects water in a big bubble to inflate into a huge icecap looking water balloon that floats

With this idea it’ll be aimed at everyone around the world as a solution to flooding and global warming. I believe that this is a good idea now seeing as there is an ongoing huge debate on how we are going to work against it or with it. This idea will show that we are accepting what is happening then working with it to avoid flooding. What I was looking at doing was to have these huge inflatable balloon kind of things that bring in the water that has been the outcome of a melted icecap which then fills the balloon up. Eventually when the balloon is full it will be able to float and will shape in to an environment where animals can start a new habitat with features of soft caves and diving holes.

This idea would take a very long process to create and would require a huge workspace for testing. Also the material for this artificial icecap would require a very thick shielding so that animals can’t pierce through it. If they ever became successful it would bring new jobs for people to go out there and maintain them.

Editable food wrapping (charge extra for normal wrapping)

So with the likes of sweets, chocolate, crisps and fruits these are all lightly packaged. I believe it would be great to cut down on packaging on these various items and make the packaging editable. The idea of this is simple but keeping the food safety up to standards will be a risk, I would make it so the people who have to work with these particular items will have to always wear gloves and the shelves where they are stored on must be clean at all time.

Most companies only care about their profit and how much money they make a year, but now its time to let that go and worry about the earths sustainability a little, using this special sugar paper as packaging will reduce the price of the product a little but would encourage their clients to buy them still. This will require new equipment and ingredients for the big companies in order to make the packaging. It may also decrease the best before date though people should adapt to the change.

Waste clearance on to a “DumpPlanet”

Though this sounds utterly selfish it could help us out a lot! instead of dumping all our waste on to our planet we should instead dump it over to another inhabitable planet. This would only be a small step towards the worlds waste problem, after doing so we will then find away to not get waste or a quicker way to clear it. The “DumpPlanet” solution is more of a last resort.

To do this we would need a few very powerful spacecrafts to transfer all the rubbish from one planet to another. This would also gain more jobs for people who have been trained to travel the outside world. This idea isn’t so great as that it may be sustainable for us but it is far from it towards another planet… Maybe we as humans should venture out and claim another planet at ours hmmmm?

Artificial Trees with the same functions of a tree

This is an idea that has been up in the air for a fair while now but I’m looking at trying to make it happen as that it would be fantastic due to the loss of thousands of trees across the world. I would like to create fake forests that act like real ones and which may be able to habitat animals also. The other idea for this is to build one per house or maybe one per street lamp? Trees are very essential in our life and if we don’t have many then we will eventually be wiped out and no longer will be able to live. To grab peoples attention to this very hidden problem which no one thinks of I would be looking at recreating an image similar to this one bellow.


I believe this sculpture is a huge statement on how we should change our priorities. Though building these forests or trees WILL NOT go on to tell us that its ok to wipe out trees, doing so will help what we have lost so far and will support a back up when trees do eventually die.

I feel I know what idea I’m going to be going with now and will go into much more detail in a separate post from this. Doing this practise has made me think more realistically on what ideas may actually work.