Each year the UK alone discards enough Christmas wrapping paper to reach 90% of the way to the Moon. Most wrapping paper is not recyclable as the foils, glitter and shine cannot be salvaged. Yet we still want an exciting Christmas.

So here are a few ideas I have in mind to make the wrapping paper in some way recyclable:

  1. Make it editable
  2. Get rid of glitter and just use colour
  3. change the paper into thin like newspaper too it is also easier to unwrap
  4. Charge more for the use of glitter and shine
  5. Instead of using wrapping paper just use christmas bags
  6. Create dissolvable wrapping paper that evaporates when wet

*List may update*

Doing this activity helped us take something that already exists and making it better for the world we live in today. I found this task rather helpful and it should lead me in the right direction to take on this new assignment.