Here I am going to try a preform a 100 ideas divergent thinking exercise. Bare in mind some of these ideas may be completely out of this world but i believe would change our way of living.

  1. Solar Panelled Cars
  2. Solar Panelled Roads
  3. Meal for 1 Tablet
  4. Artificial Ice Caps that don’t melt but collects water in a big bubble to inflate into a huge icecap looking water balloon that floats
  5. Teleportation
  6. Mechanical Bees
  7. Mechanical Insects
  8. Sea bins
  9. Cars that run on Waste
  10. Waste into compost converter
  11. Wind up life sized cars
  12. Drinkable air
  13. Mechanical organs
  14. Editable food wrapping (charge extra for normal wrapping)
  15. Artificial Plants with the same functions of a plant
  16. Artificial Trees with the same functions of a tree
  17. Editable paper
  18. Flying cities that preform open air cleaning routines
  19. Underwater cities that preform underwater cleaning routines
  20. Human chips which are injected into from birth to help human surveillance on terror attacks
  21. Editable glitter for wrapping paper
  22. Boxes that evaporate when wet
  23. Stop the use and making of cash, Technology is evolving, charge people more who use cash
  24. Self studying programmes for parents to give to their children and cut down on schools and instead make schools a social environment for young children to make friends and participate in certain activities
  25. Create an age limit for certain technology
  26. Virtual worlds for elderly lonely people to interact with computer generated personalities.
  27. Self cleaning shoes
  28. Planting trees instead of placing Gravestones
  29. Waste clearance on to a “DumpPlanet”
  30. Robots with human personalities and functions to do jobs
  31. Self stacking shelves
  32. An overhead Fastlane for motorways
  33. A chewing gum that cleans your teeth
  34. Plastic that evaporates into harmless sand when contacted by water

List may be edited occasionally.