The year is anew thus bringing forth a new assignment in my HND course. This project is more on the creative side of Graphic Design and I believe it will increase my creativity a little more than I am now. We’re going to be following up on Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg who is one of the nominees of the Design Museums exhibition known as The Designs of The Year 2015.


The brief starts of by informing us to make something different! It tells us all that we must think outside of the box and go beyond imagination on how we can change the world. It screams out that “As designers of the future, we can design less or we can design better.” The quote makes me feel that we could perhaps take something and make it a whole lot more better to make the world a better place to live in. It also forces me to look at first world problems such as global warming and makes me think straight away on how we can help work with it instead of against it. We must think in a sustainable way, we must look at things that could be re used or completely new things that could resolve a problem then work as something else afterwards.

The brief then goes into giving us a bit of information on Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg better known as Daisy. It tells us who she’s worked with to get where she is now and the methods she uses to think of something new and exciting.

So pretty much I have to think of something that’ll change the world for good, it could be completely out of this world like creating a time machine! I do have a few ideas stored up inside my head and will do a blog list on what ideas I have in mind, I’ll try and perform a 100 idea divergent thinking exercise and go from there.