Here I am going to go into detail on how I created my second front cover. On this version I wanted to create a pattern on the Illustration and to show more colour on the front page unlike my first attempt.

Screenshot 2015-11-27 15.49.30
Firstly I created with my pen tool a very basic illustration of a man in a suit and hat.
Screenshot 2015-11-27 16.01.08
I then shrunk the illustration and started to duplicate them.

Screenshot 2015-11-27 16.05.18

Screenshot 2015-11-27 16.22.16
I decided to change the background colour to a slight grey and also applied it to every other illustration background.
Screenshot 2015-11-27 16.58.56
With the others I used the colour red for their background, this was to represent their so called “Bad image” and also they did wear wacky coloured shirts with their suits.
Screenshot 2015-11-27 16.20.05
I then tested out to see if the whole background would work better in red, but I believed it came across as a little too over the top.
Screenshot 2015-11-27 17.24.47
I then moved the whole lot within  the front cover guidelines. I grouped all the red shapes and tried nudging them a little up and to the right which slightly pushed them over the border guides. I thought this looked pretty good and worked well due to the fact that subcultures are different and don’t always follow the rules, they create their own way of life.
Screenshot 2015-11-27 17.01.26
I finally thought to scrible in the red colours roughly to give it a more edgy look.
Screenshot 2015-11-27 17.12.40
Though it didn’t think it worked out that well because it made it look unfinished.

With the creative review subheadings I had to experiment with how the price and date will show, I had to put the numbers in lower case within the type settings apart from the ‘6’ as that shows larger on their covers.


Below is the final look at what I created for my final piece.

Final cover 2v3