Zoot Suiters

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In this blog I was asked to create a short Pecha Kucha on my chosen subculture. Pretty much what a Pecha Kucha is is a short powerpoint presentation that gives out a brief idea on where you are heading towards giving your audience a bit of understanding to what you are doing. Each slide is rather short and shouldn’t really consist on a lot of text but more imagery in which you speak the information other than making the audience having to read it on screen. Each slide should last a maximum of twenty seconds per slide with a total of twenty slides. As this was our first one we didn’t have to do twenty and only got asked to do ten,

Slide 1 – Into

Right so i decided on using the Zoot suiters as my subculture to bring back, the reason being was because I’m rather interested in their fashion and the way they look a little similar to the mafia.

Slide 2 – What are Zoot suits

Zoot suiters were usually african americans and mexicans who wanted to express their types of personalities to get recognised, some were good and some were good, they liked to feel as if the ran the streets.

Slide 3 – Their look

The look they were going for were to look like musicians, writers and boxers to get recognised by others who may believe that the individual may be one from the list. They looked upper class but deep down they weren’t as that they mostly had no professions and were spending most their money on tailoring their outfits.

Slide 4 – What did they do

They wore Zoot suits as a symbol of pride of ethnicity. Riots broke out due to the fact that the U.S couldn’t supply their sailors and marines with uniform as that they believed all the material was being used to create these zoot suits. it was also rumoured that zoot suiters had beaten a few sailors while praising Hitler, though this didn’t seem a very valid excuse as that these sailors who got “beaten up” only had suffered a few minor injuries.

Slide 5 – Icons

Their iconic fashion consisted of the following. Large blazers going below knee level, gold watch chains, fat ties, shirts with big collars, hats that matched with their blazers, large puffy trousers and religious necklaces. They also always used to position theirselves very laid back.

Slide 6 – Inspiration

My inspirations include the use of news articles from the zoot suit riots with an illustration drawn on top of it or maybe ripping through the page. i could make it look like an old style magazine cover or perhaps create a graffiti style piece of work of zoot suit members at a bar. The Mario image is just a layout style id like to try.

Slide 7 – Thumbnail 1

Using the newspaper technique I tried it out and thought it would be a great way to bring across the message that they’re coming back.

Slide 8 – Thumbnail 2

Very standard shapes in these thumbnails bringing their iconic look all in to a simple square cartoon kind of look. i may be looking at doing this in my double page spread maybe.

Slide 9 – Thumbnail 3

Here on the left side I was thinking of catching an image of a local pub or bar then painting over it maybe. Though on the right hand side i wanted to have three shady figures (being the zoot suiters) descending from darkness at the bottom with their gold chains shining through the darkness.

Slide 10 – Conclusion

To conclude my presentation I’ve said a few points in which i researched for this presentation and how its going to help me and give the audience a better understanding on my subcultural group.