Here i found it essential to look at a few of Creative Reviews past front covers to get a rough idea on how mine should come across like. I decided to search the web for some of their new layout front covers which they updated back in 2010 (I know long time ago, but i didn’t want to find an old one and use that as inspiration). I wanted to find only illustration ones but i bumped in to a few photographer ones as well. Bellow is a collage of the ones which i found interested and which may help me out with ideas.

Looking at these examples has given me a view as to it doesn’t really matter how simple it is, along as the message is there and comes across effectively, i would particularly like to just have illustration on the front without any typography though I’m a little worried that the message won’t come across clear enough to the target audience. I do believe that this little bit of research has helped my views on how the cover should look and next i shall be looking into double page spread inspiration.