From my choices i wanted to choose a subculture which would come rather challenging, to meet the brief spot on i will have to specifically choose a subculture from the past and try my best to revive it with my illustration skills.

Right so my choices come down to these:

  • Hippie
  • Zoot Suiters
  • Ravers
  • Emo
  • Skinhead
  • Teddy Boys

Already from the list I want to take out Hippies and Ravers due to the fact that they are still popular to this day and age unfortunately because i was looking forward to maybe choosing ravers as my subject.

So here I am going to go into a little detail on each one of my choices and give a few examples on how each subculture is viewed by the public.


Emo began off as a style of post-hardcore and emerged from the hardcore punk scene of early-1980s Washington, D.C., both as a reaction to the increased violence within the scene and as an extension of the personal politics espoused by Ian MacKaye of Minor Threat, who had turned the focus of the music from the community back towards the individual. Minor Threat fan Guy Picciotto formed Rites of Spring in 1984, breaking free of hardcore’s self-imposed boundaries in favor of melodic guitars, varied rhythms, and deeply personal, impassioned lyrics. Many of the band’s themes would become familiar tropes in later generations of emo music, including nostalgia, romantic bitterness, and poetic desperation. Their performances became public emotional purges where audience members would sometimes weep. MacKaye became a huge Rites of Spring fan, recording their only album and serving as their roadie, and soon formed a new band of his own called Embrace which explored similar themes of self-searching and emotional release. – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emo

Their Look usually consisted of skinny tight black jeans, tight ish top or shirt, piercings in various places of the body, long usually black her or crazy coloured hair, quite a few accessories and big clunky shoes or Vans. The individual’s body type was typically very slim, never really were there any big built emos.



A skinhead is a member of a subculture that originated among working class youths in London, England, in the 1960s and then soon spread to other parts of the United Kingdom, and later to other countries around the world. Named for their close-cropped or shaven heads, the first skinheads were greatly influenced by West Indian (specifically Jamaican) rude boys and British mods, in terms of fashion, music and lifestyle. Originally, the skinhead subculture was mainly based on those elements, not politics or race.

Eventually, political affiliations grew in significance for the skinhead subculture, and then the political spectrum within the subculture spanned from far right to far left, although many skinheads described themselves as apolitical. Contemporary skinhead fashions range from clean-cut 1960s mod-influenced styles to less-strict punk- and hardcore-influenced styles. – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Skinhead

The name of the culture gives it away on how they look, pretty much most of them have bald heads or very little hair and they usually wear big Dr Martens in cherry red to present that they are pure british along with jeans and usually braces to hold up their jeans with either nothing on their top half or a shirt or vest. They also have plenty of tattoos to mark their nationality.

A gang of skinheads


The Zoot suit appears to have developed around 1935 in nightclubs in the black area of Harlem in New York, at Sammy’s Follies and the Savoy Ballroom. Zoot suits exaggerated the smart 1930s look, and were worn by young blacks as an expression of personality in a world where social recognition, and a limited one at that, could only be gained through being a musician, boxer, and in a few instances, as a writer. – https://libcom.org/history/zoot-suit-rebellion

The zoot suiters obviously wore zoot suits, which were long black blazers along with either a white shirt or a stand out colour like red. The shirts had big collars and were slightly baggy. Also they wore trousers that puffed up beyond their hips and they sat at waist level along with a rather long pocket watch gold chain hanging from their pocket.



Teddy Boy (also known as Ted) is a British subculture typified by young men wearing clothes that were partly inspired by the styles worn by dandies in the Edwardian period, which Savile Row tailors had attempted to re-introduce in Britain after World War II. The subculture started in London in the early 1950s, and rapidly spread across the UK, then becoming strongly associated with rock and roll. Originally known as Cosh Boys, the name Teddy Boy was coined when a 1953 Daily Express newspaper headline shortened Edwardian to Teddy. – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Teddy_Boy


Teddy boys style was very similar to greasers with their pomped up hair all waxed up, although their fashion sense was a little different and led towards the zoot suit look, they adapted the whole suit look but scrapped the baggy trousers, watch chains (in some occasions), large collars and hats.

I think that out of the lot i will be doing Zoot suiters due to the fact that they go pretty far back in time and a few more recent subcultures have adapted slight personalities from them in order to maybe try and revive them. I do believe that this will be a challenge and it will be recommended for myself to do a hell of a lot more research on the specific subculture.