So the deadline was just round the corner and we as a group still had a significant amount to do. We had yet to copy all our pages, select an order, bind them together and package the lot.

Before copying them we first organised the order the pages were going to go in. We wanted to mix up out pages instead of putting them all together in groups.

Photocopying our final pieces was easy as that we chose to put two together and print them to make them A4 and have colour. We chose to copy them out as single sides so that we could stick them together to thicken up the pages.

We then went on to binding the pages together, we wanted to string them together but the string we bought was too thick so it wouldn’t have looked right, that then led us to a stand still as that we were set on using that method! Luckily one of our group members had a spare shoe lace, and that worked well and again gave that more made at home feel. It turned out looking like this.

We liked the thought that you could strap the zine around you using the lace like a bag.

I also thought of packaging the zine in a sandwich bag and then wax sealing it with a paw print cut out which I had. I got inspiration to do this from a book one of our members had.

I tested out the wax sealing method and I was very happy with the results during experimenting with the idea.

Although when it came to the final version, the process really tested our patience against the clock, there was ten minutes left and we felt the need to At least put the wax stamp on the cover instead of having to package it, so we did although we didn’t wait long enough for the wax to dry so the whole thing failed slightly which was a real shame!

All in all though I think we did well but the problem being was that there were such little times we’d be together due to absence and half term!

Here’s the full Zine presented in its final form.