On my last page I wanted to go for a lyrical page that lets the audience sing it and remembering the tune from a long time ago. I thought to make the song a well known one that most people should have listened to and enjoyed it. I went for Bob Marleys classic song- Three Little Birds. The reason being was because it was a happy song and would make our audience feel happy and know that every little thing is going to be alright! 

So how was I going to present this page? I was thinking of getting the colours that reperesent where he’s from as a background to add more colour to the Zine itself. I got coloured paper and begun to experiment with it. 

I went onto tearing the paper up instead of giving it a clean look due to the fact that I was thinking of giving the typography a clean feel.

Here’s where I felt I went wrong as that I’m totally not good at hand drawing type as I haven’t had much experience with it. 


I felt the need to write the lyrics out on plain white paper as that of I had put it on the coloured pages it could be hard to read on certain areas.

I layered the lyrics on to white paper which was then layered on top of different coloured sheets, therefore the finishing product looking like this!