The same as my latest page, I wanted to catch some content from an old childhood magazine and collage/lay them out in my own way to make it more personal. The comic book I went for was an old Simpsons comic which I used to love and it always caught my eye when I was a kid. The page was meant to be an advertising for their productions. 

I had many strips to choose from the comics I had, but again I had to find ones that would fit into my page which did come across rather frustrating from time to time. Here are the pages that stood out to me because of the sizes and illustration within. 

Though once I had cut out the images separately I then noticed that none would fit in the page! Therefore I had to search more specially focusing on the size. I had managed to come across these cut outs finally that would fit in well! I experimented on where I would place the images and how I should lay them out.

Again I wanted to add a personal touch with some kind of banner giving it a message of keeping cartoon alive although there is no way of watching it.


Also I had to add the Simpsons title just so that people that didn’t recognise their signature look would fully know what it is.

I realise that I should have drawn it myself or maybe filled the whole page instead of just the centre, but I thought it would look more neat to keep it within the boundaries.