I was given the role to create the title for the front page. I went with my font I created to give a static feel as if to reperesent an electronic screen cutting out, thus giving the message that we have no technology anymore. 

Like I did when I was thinking of ideas for the font, I sketched it out first lightly in pencil then added the points in the letters going in horizontal directions, trying to keep the whole thing within the 5mm border.




I then went over it the Type with a fine liner giving the outline a thick feel. After I done this I had to get rid of all the pencil marks and template.

Moving on to the distrubuter logo. I thought to make the typography nice and neat and give it a professional look as I wanted to make this a company that also distribute other Zines. I went for the flicky text to give the feel of the old days. I thought I’d place this in the middle of the front cover at the bottom so people could still recognise the logo quickly with ease.

I see that the alignment isn’t spot on but I feel that this makes it look even more homemade and brings a friendly approach to the Zine.