Today I thought I’d start on an idea I had for one of my page designs. I wanted to make a page which gave out the meaning that music will never go even though there is no technology with a pop art style to it. I got a well known face to the music industry and illustrated what he looked like in to a pop art character. Here are the steps I took to finish him.

First of all I done a quick sketch up on how it’ll fit on the page in pencil.  

I then started to go over it in pen giving it a nice thick layer to give a nice finish. I also coloured in his shadows in pen.   

In the next step I then moved on to colouring him in with very simple colours like they do with pop art.   


To bring the message across in this illustration I chose to push out the message like this as I got the influence through pop art like this! 

I then cut out the message and tried placing it in different areas of the illustration to experiment in where it would look best.   


I decided to go on my first option then cut out the points that run off the page.