Today we met up again to discuss our individual brainstorms at home. My pages layout failed to be agreed by everyone but we wanted to create something we all agreed on. Here are some notes we took down in to what we where thinking on.

We thought to make the theme of the Zine a bit pop arty, with a lot of illustration in it and not so much information in it. On the image above we had finally got a rough idea on who’s doing what. We got inspired by pages from a pop art book that Sam bought in, these pages inspired me personally a lot as I love pop art!

 Also Laura managed to find a typewriter! This was great as that we finally were assured we won’t have to hand write everything if we didnt want to! 

With the front cover we thought of a layout similar to this sketch I had quickly done.

We all stuck to the font I used for the “WTF?!” So what I’m going to do is go home, sketch the type up and send it to them to add to it. 

I also thought of a quick sketch of a computer covered in police tape saying keep out, murder scene- in a laughable manner to the whole scenario.

I thought it would be good to package the issues in sanwhich bags to give it that home made feel. I got inspired to do this by the picture bellow. Also I would like to wax seal the packaging to give it a personal touch.

We finally wrapped it up at all agreeing to doing as many pages we can to give us more options on what pages to include. Also keeping it full coloured and using different types of colouring techniques as long as it gives a pop art feel.