In today’s lesson we talked about communication and thinking of the many ways how we communicate in both visual and audio perspectives. Below are the notes I had took down during our lecture.

Due to the readability of this picture I will be describing the information numbered in the image 1-4.

  1. Here is a mind map on our visual and audio communications such as songs, emails, radio, TV, letters, websites etc. Also we talked about how we communicate information and the three types of disruption that is Noise. Psychologic noise is mental interference that prevents you from listening. If your mind is wandering when someone is speaking to you, the noise in your head is preventing communication. So if someone is talking to their friend who’s trying to analyse my Zine, that would interfere them into taking much notice in the Zine. Physiological noise is any physiological issue that interferes with communication. For example, if you have a headache, it may be difficult to notice many things going on around you. Semantic noise occurs when there is no shared meaning in a communication. It’s about if the audience can understand the specific object clearly.
  2. Finding the difference between Redundancy and Entropy I found rather difficult. Entropy needs redundant elements in order to make things more clear and give away clues to the audience about what the information is trying to give out. Entropy is the probability of a piece of information understanding things better by the way information is presented.
  3. Here I took my poster and wrote on what I could take out of the poster to still give the audience the information needed to be taken in. I could take out the main image and yet the poster would still be understandable. although the image lets the audience know what there is to capture on the walk, therefore making the image within the poster a redundant element.
  4. Thinking of disruptions to my audience to see my poster in the public from my latest project i wrote that whoever could be looking for my poster may stumble across some interference. Traffic may be blocking the view of it, it could get wet and damage, making the colours run. Maybe the printed version may be too dark for people to notice from a far distance.

With this task it has given me a better understanding to a target audience, knowing what could interrupt them from seeing and understanding the poster and also finding out other ways to communicate with your audience. Finally i also found it helpful identifying the difference between Entropy and Redundancy.