So when I found some time to do some brainstorming of my own I was mainly do using on how it was going to look and what the style of the title would be! I also thought up of some logos for our distributer. Here are some sketches I thought up.

I liked the idea of making a wax seal on top of our packaging to give a signature feel to the final piece. I think with the wax seal I’ll put just a paw print on it then with the front cover distribution logo I’d like to use is this one.


The reason being is because it’s nice and simple and easy to recognise what animal it is, it’s also neither too big or too small. 

With the main title of the Zine I wanted it to fit the brief pretty well, giving it an apocalyptic or olden style feel. Here are a few sketches I done on the day.

I loved the idea of the top one giving it a look like a TV or screen cutting out, enhancing this idea from the brief seeing as a solar flare had occurred and had got rid of all technology. What I then done was I thought of a few ideas and picked out what I liked in each one of them and putting it all into the one at the bottom. The simplicity of the third one down grabbed my attention as it stood out with its bold font so I mixed it up with the top one. I dimmed down the static feel a little to make it more readable and I thing it worked out pretty well! 

Along with the content I thought it would be a good idea to each do:

  1. One advertisement
  2. One favourite song lyrics
  3. One how to guide
  4. One funny news article
  5. One quote of the week
  6. One short comic strip

Here are some quick sketch examples on how I thought the pages should be set out as. 


This step took a few hours and it’s good to get as many ideas in. The thing is I think of loads of ideas but the ones that leave my mind are the ones I think that will work well in a specific scenario. I can’t go any further with this until I see my group again on the next day of college.