When I hand render illustrations and type I tend not to look for inspiration online or in books, I usually think of ideas that come up in my head. Though I thought it may be useful to also search up a few fonts that may inspire me.

With my choices I had a rough idea on what i wanted it to look like but I wanted to see if I could maybe make the type look a little better by getting a bit of inspiration from the likes of DaFont.com.

With the main text in a few of my pages including the front title, I wanted to go for a static look, much like a poor signalled TV program. Here are a few fonts that I got inspired to improve my font.

With the less important type I wanted to give an old look to it by making the Serif’s rather curly. Here are a few that inspired me.

Along with the compact information which contained a lot of text I had the choice to use a typewriter or just to hand write it. I chose to hand write it due to the fact it would bring more variety to our Zine and make it look more home made.

Doing a bit of research into how you’re going to create a piece is essential and does infact benefit you very well. Performing quick PMI tests to these fonts I had found led me to making the font that I had created more me.