I thought it’d be best to do a few rough sketches for a few of my written ideas. I took in to account who my target audience are going to be, where it’s going to be posted and how it’s going to be different and stand out.

Idea 1

Here I am thinking of drawing out a simple icon of a camera in illustrator and collaging some of my images into the shape. The font will be simple and clean and both “Typography” and “Bexhill” will stand out as that they are the main text. In the background I would make squares with a fill of colours that represent Bexhill.

Idea 2

In this design, I wasn’t going to include a typographic photo but instead a landmark photo. With the type I would want to bunch it up into a box form apart from the website, which would be located at the bottom.

Idea 3

This being my favourite idea out of the lot, I’d get the wave sculpture and crop it out, then I’d get all my images collaged and merge both the sculpture and collage together. Again the type will be simple and clean.

Idea 4

Here I would collage all my images on the whole scale of the page. Pretty much the photo explains it all.

Idea 5

This idea was only a quick final sketch which I thought up on, it’s simple with the image layout and balances the importance of both the type and photos.

Idea 6

The same as my third idea, I really like this one because of its simplicity. The big B stands for Bexhill, and that will then balance out the importance of where it is to what it is about, “Typographic walk” will be big and bold and for the rest of the text will still be big but not bold.