PMI Is evaluating an object or inner case a poster that has influenced you. It involves picking out all the pro’s (Plus(P)), Cons (Minus(M)) and Interests for another time maybe (I). From one of my recent blogs I had to find five posters that caught my attention and gave me some inspiration, now I am going to take a couple and perform a PMI test on each one.


P = The use of Gradient, the bold text, use of type is neat, readability is slightly hard but it makes the audience want to see whats behind the main font, use of just two colours.

M = The indent on the type could confuse the audience and make it hard to read, the font size of the information bellow, kerning.

I = White space, text overlay, drop shadows.

For my poster I could use the gradient tool for the background to get rid of the feel of too much white space. Using a nice simple to read font would be best for the target audience I’m aiming at. Avoiding bad kerning is essential, I must make sure all the spacing is balanced, maybe it was intentional they done this to go with the message they were giving the audience, but bad kerning is a big fat no NO! I am interested in the use of the drop shadow effect to try to make some of the text stand out, in fact it works extremely well as it looks like it’s trying to push out the text to the audience through the red text.


P = The silhouette of a character cut out an illustration, big bold font, centred text making it very formal.

M = The readability of the text bellow again may be too small.

I = Shapes within the illustration creates some of the main features on the character.

Maybe for my project I will get a silhouette of a landmark from the area then add photos into it some giving away some features of the landmark. With my title I will most probably try to keep it in the centre of the page as that it will stand out a little more. I may make the main text nice and bold like they have done in this photo.