I’ve been looking around on the Internet and books at the college I’m studying at, to find posters that would help and give me influence to my project. I spent some time to find five which grabbed my attention imidiantly.


This one I love because Mario has always been my favourite games character! I love the use of shaping type into a particular object.

These Star Wars posters look great with the background merging together with the silhouette of the well known characters also giving the features of them too from the background. In my project I’d like to get a simple silhouette and do the same kind of thing but with my photos instead of simple scenery.

Again another image created by type, but instead in black and white giving it a more bold look funnily enough.


In this example I like the way the font on top is the main text and stands out so well in the colour red. It also makes me want to read the faint font in the background. This gives the poster anedgy look! Nice, bold, clean and straight to the point, with a touch of mystery!  

The same as the one above, it’s mysterious, bold and pretty straight forward. The colours and font together work together very powerfully! 

Although my project must include photos, I am going to take these posters to give me advice towards the typography used in my poster, I’m looking at the style of the star wars poster imagery and possibly the forth one down for the type in my poster