Learning about both mindfulness and empathy has helped me understand who my target audience is and how they will view my poster. Empathy is understanding someones emotions, thoughts and feelings. Also instead of feeling sorry for others, you listen to them and relate some of your own issues to theirs. There are a lot of differences between sympathy and empathy, sympathetic people are shown to not really caring as much as empathic people.

Sympathetic people usually say things along the lines of, “you’ll be fine” “at least you didn’t….” Also saying I feel sorry for you and not actually feeling it is sympathetic. Sympathy is just all talk and no actual feel for it, it sounds heartless in a way.

Empathic on the other hand is taking all their issues in, evaluating them and relating them to similar issues of your own getting a better understanding of their feelings. Being able to say you know how they’re feeling comes across more supporting.

Now Mindfulness is when no matter what situation you’re in you should be looking at things in a different ways compared to others. You should also start to notice more around you, taking in things that not everyone else does. Mindfulness is the presence from the heart.

Within the lecture we took part in a task in noticing things within the room that we’d hadn’t noticed before. Things I noticed were there was a jet wash box on the table in the corner, five skate boards sat on a desk near by, a tiled section on the ceiling above me and that the floor runs up the wall a little.