For my project I have to create a poster to advertise a typographic walk around Bexhill, here are all my ideas so far (updated regularly).

  • Smashed glass background with type over it
  • Collaged font over scenery photograph
  • Old styled feel with classic style font
  • Cream coloured background with classic font
  • Black background with collaged landmark of Bexhill with type in top left of poster
  • Collaged type within the main bit of the title
  • Empty photo of the beech with nothing on it then put hand drawn imagary to it
  • Give a rusty feel to the whole picture
  • Use seaside features and objects to implement the text of what the client wants
  • Use seaside colours leaked all over the poster, keep the text tidy and make the “Bexhill” type collaged with all the photos I had taken then give it a reflected effect