My attempt of to think of one hundred ways to get people to remember my name within an hour.

Advertise on TV

Post note on toilet doors

Above ID scanner

ID badge

Drink cup

On each step

On carpet

In books

Sign posts

Album covers



Body manipulation

Airplane trail

Plane banners


Welcome page on computer

Newspaper ad

Write a song about you

Set a reminder on everyone’s phone


Google homepage

Cheerleaders sing it

Cut name into haircut

Wear a necklace with your name on it

Plant flowers into name

In grave into glass

Mow into grass

Bumper stickers


Fire extinguishers foam

Animal branding

Shout out on the radio


Invent something and become famous

Become a sports athlete

Write a blog about you

Write a book about you

Commit a crime

Become YouTube famous

Key a car

Hashtag your name

Have sex with a celeb

Burn it in to toast and serve it to people

College recorded message

Make a huge donation

Do heroic activities

Commit suicide

Create an original piece of art

Make a new law

Become a president

Make your name unique

Brag- create a buzz


Memorial bench

Take risks

Become a drug dealer

Meet new people