On this day we had to prepare for how we’d take on the trip to Bexhill next Friday. The project consists on capturing many photographs of typography in the area. Walking through the local street of Tonbridge we got some good shots of good and very bad typography.

*Bad example

The first sight of typography I found was a prime example of what not to do, you can see that all the text had been rendered with in an application. By the looks of it, they seem to have tried to squeeze it in horizontally without taking notice of how it looks vertically.

 *Road floor signs

This bit of type grabbed my attention because before it was written you can see that they had a temporary poorly written version of it. They obviously didn’t see why there was any point of getting rid of it. Also I liked the way it was a single bus lane and had double yellow lines either side.

*Fire Hydrant signs

The type on these are pushed out to make them stand out, I do like the way that they are warn out and you can tell that they have aged.



These engravings caught my eye because of the old fashion style of curls used in them, not so much the top one but the one bellow brings a flow to it like an old book which have the first character on the chapter designed in such a way. this shows that type has been around for decades!

Here is an example of a ghost advert, these are paintings, adverts, posters, etc that have been printed over and yet still been there once the printed over object was removed. Again these bring an old feel to how it used to look in the past and how much it has changed.

Here we have a bad case of curling, as it seems to be going smoothly at the beginning, towards the end of the text there seems to be huge gaps within the type which does not look professional. 


Placed in the centre of the wooden frame looks very satisfying to the eye, I mean the text is a bit bland but its positioned pretty well! 


I love this type because it matches the title so well giving that old school retro feel to it back in the day when arcades were cool (They still are in my opinion). Although I can’t remember the shop being anything to do with Arcades!