One of many ways to be creative and think of something new and original is a technique called creative play. This gives out a fair feel to failure, making the idea of failing a lot less daunting. As a Toddler/ Child i remember building objects with lego and such, going through a hell of a lot of fails to reach to satisfaction. in this context it feels as if you’re playing a game, there’ll always be times when you’ll fail but then you will try again and learn from where you went wrong previously to reach the goal.

Creative play is used everywhere and at a lot of successful graphic design companies. in an environment where its fun to be around lets people explore their mind and reach into the unknown for something that is original.

The first interactive day of our Graphic Design HND course took us into a group activity of creative play. After a few attempts at working as a team to form the most creative tower of shoes within our lecture group, our group of three people finally managed to build something we agreed on.

  *First version

During the exercise there were a few failures, in which we learnt from and tried again towards success with new ideas.

The tower in its final form looks very sturdy and compact, we used the laces of the shoes for support, and also successfully kept the same colours together making the tower look tidy and organised.

 *Final version